The Fifth Estate: People & AllMediaNY interviews

The Fifth Estate: People & AllMediaNY interviews

Two new interviews with Dan have been shared recently. Thanks to Lorna for the scan above, which is from The People. AllMediaNY has posted another interview with Dan and the cast of The Fifth Estate. Read it in full on the website.

By portraying a journalist, Dan Stevens got a unique perspective on the privacy versus transparency issue that runs deep throughout the WikiLeaks affair itself, and throughout the movie. His character, he says, comes at this issue differently than Assange, which makes for great viewing.

“There are certain moral judgments that have to be made and I think as a more traditional journalist like say Ian Katz, those considerations were more at the floor than to someone like Assange, who… I guess they sort of… they come at it from slightly different angles you know,” Stevens said. “And that in itself provokes an interesting conversation about how much of the human element do we consider, if this is putting people's lives at risk, should it be out there or actually do people just need to know the truth and damn the consequences and it's a very, very difficult question. But that in itself makes for great drama, you know.”

“It was very interesting getting to meet Ian and getting an insight into really the essence of the journalism and the ideal of journalism behind this whole moment, I guess,” Stevens said. “And you know just how exciting and thrilling and worrying and scary it was to be a journalist involved in this particular story. And it was, you know he was very generous with his time and information about the dynamic within the Guardian offices, with Assange. And each of their individual relationships with him, you know. You know when a moment like this comes along, just you know, how epic that is for a guy who's a pretty young guy at the time and it's kind of everything you've lived for and you grow up watching movies like A Year of Living Dangerously with Mel Gibson and suddenly it's you, you know you're there and they're getting burner phones like in "The Wire" because they're worried about the CIA tapping them and it's pretty huge moment.”




Thank you for these latest interviews. It's great to be able to follow what is happening!

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