The Fifth Estate: TIFF 2013 premiere video & more photos

The Fifth Estate: TIFF 2013 premiere video & more photos

Video footage of The Fifth Estate red carpet has been uploaded to You Tube, while many more photos of the premiere have appeared online. The Fifth Estafe Facebook Page has some lovely ones, ditto Flickr and AP


More thanks

More thanks for these lovely photos. It's great to be able to follow what Dan's doing, wherever it may be in the world.


To thousands of fans he's still Downton Dan.

Maybe, but

Maybe, but there is so much more to Dan than that.

In recent interviews he has stated that he wants "to mix it up a bit". Well, he's certainly doing that, so many new and very different films to hit our screens soon, four new audiobooks, and some incredibly good writing. Let's see what else there is to come!

I hope, in fact I am sure, that in time, Dan will be acknowledged in many fields.


Dan is so very talented and bright, I look forward to each and all of his new endeavors whether films, writing, audio recordings... but "Downton Dan" will always be my first love!
from the USA

Dan Stevens


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Dan for sale...

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