The Fifth Estate: UK cinema release 1st Jan 2014?

The Fifth Estate: UK cinema release 1st Jan 2014?

According to NME, The Fifth Estate will have a theatrical release in the UK on January 1st  2014. 

The movie sees Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch take on the lead role, while other cast members include Laura Linney, Anthony Mackie, Peter Capaldi, Dan Stevens and Stanley Tucci. The film opens in UK cinemas on January 1, 2014.

Launching Film still has The Fifth Estate being released on 11th October in UK. New photos of Dan at this year's GLAAD awards have been shared by Hey Mr Jason photography.


Whenever it is released in UK...

Whenever it is released in the UK, I will be very happy to go and see it. I am intrigued as to how Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Julian Assange, and it will be great to see Dan in a contemporary film.

Why does the US always have

Why does the US always have to wait longer than the UK when it comes to movies that Dan is involved in? It's not fair. I know, life isn't fair. Love Dan. He's such a talented and good looking actor. Would like to see him in another romance soon. ;)

Why does the US have to wait.......?

The Fifth Estate is making its debut at the Toronto Film Festival and from there on to the Cinema Circuit in the US. That seems pretty fair to us.

"Summer in February' ,on the other hand, was an Independent Movie made by a small British Company that to date has not been able to negotiate a suitable deal to enable it to be shown on the US circuit. That's life.

 I believe the film opens in

 I believe the film opens in US in October! For that matter it only seems to be NME who sat 1st Jan in UK. 

Did we not just lived thru all this...

Why one would want to live thru this story all over again, when one just went thru life, real time. Not only that, demoralize ones own country (US) and give classified information to our enemies. People, get a grip!!!

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