The Fifth Estate: Vulture interview

The Fifth Estate: Vulture interview

A new interview with Dan, from last weekend's TIFF, has been shared by Read it in full on the website.

Why'd you want to do this movie?

Because I think it’s one of the most exciting and fascinating stories to have taken place in my lifetime. It was a story I was really, really interested by, and almost obsessed with, long before the movie came along. I went and heard Assange speak in London — he was interviewed by Slavoj Žižek at the Troxy Cinema, three, four years ago, maybe. And I went along with 2,000 other people and heard this guy speak, and I think my judgment of him is still in formation, but I think whichever way you think of him, he’s a fascinating figure to be dropped into our cultural consciousness. And I think that deserves to be acknowledged, and I think that’s what the film does, so I was thrilled to be even a small part in this incredibly wide-reaching story.

Hate to break it to you, but you don't have a ton of screen time.

Not many people do [laughs], apart from Daniel [Brühl] and Benedict [Cumberbatch]. It's just one of those films, and I think it's a testament to the impact that Wikileaks has and a testament to the size of the story that there is such a great ensemble cast, so many great actors from all over the world. They're from Iceland and Sweden and Denmark and Germany, and we play our little parts surrounding this relationship at the heart of this story that had such global reach.

Another article describes Dan's experiences with the press at TIFF can be found on this site


Interesting interview

An interesting interview - all quite thought provoking.

Having heard what the cast have said about the film I am now quite keen to see it. On a lighter vein, to see Dan in another role will be an added bonus. I think Benedict Cumberbatch's transformation is quite remarkable, and Dan's acknowledgement of his colleague's performance was a delight to read.

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