Frankenstein: audio book interview

Frankenstein: audio book interview

Audible have shared a video interview with Dan on You Tube to accompany the release of Frankenstein. Watch it below. 


For many years

For many years I had not considered reading this book. It never seemed to find its way to the top of the pile! However, because Dan is reading it, and I am very familiar with, and full of admiration for, his very impressive narrative skills, I downloaded it from Audible.
I am so pleased that I did. It is truly quite remarkable. If there was an 'Oscar' for audiobooks, this would have to be a major contender.
So, thanks again Dan, for opening the pages of yet another book that I may not have selected as my regular reading material. To quote him - "quite an adventure"!
Whatever else Dan decides to do in the future I hope that audiobooks will remain amongst his favourite ways to communicate with, enthrall, captivate and entertain, an appreciative audience.

Another incredible performance

Another incredible performance by Dan. Absolutely incredible.

May I also recommend one of his latest Agatha Christie books - "And Then There Were None" which is a masterly narration. It is easy to get lost in the story and envisage that the many different characters are being played by a whole cast of actors, not just Dan! Amazing work!


The whole process of producing an audiobook is quite fascinating - so this brief interview was very interesting.
Today I shall be downloading it from .

I love Dan, and I love to

I love Dan, and I love to watch and listen to him. He is such a wonderful, amazing, talented, gorgeous actor and I admire him. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Dan. You are such a lovely person.

Gail from Springfield, MO

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