GLAAD Media Awards video

GLAAD Media Awards video

More photos from the GLAAD Media Awards in New York last weekend have been shared by Zimbio, while snippets from the event have been uploaded to You Tube, and include Dan's presentation speech.


New style Dan Stevens

While I have no problem with the new look whether it is purely for the movie he is currently filming with Laim Neeson or his personal preference...however I do lament the loss of his beautiful English accent and we are now getting yet another British actor with an American accent.

Because of his mimicry skills and facility for picking up different accents as can be heard by those who listen to his audio books, it is to be expected that the American accent would seep in via osmosis whether he liked it or not.

I hope that Dan Stevens does take it upon himself to return home to the UK every now and then for a period of months just to reabsorb the British accent... otherwise he'll be like Cary Grant and co time people will forget that originally he was British.... He will be another Hollywood star born in the UK who made his fortune in the US.

Still Grieving about Mathew Crawley..Please come back to DA

Dear Dan,

I was watching DA again and realized that Mathew Crawley's character is such an honest, honorable, upright and downright likeable character that I will miss, not seeing Mathew Crawley again..

Dan, DA is seen across continents and has given you recognition beyond belief, recognition across continents, very few shows or program will give you. I am a physician and sometimes serious head concussion looks worse than death and Mathew Crawley was not really pronounced dead by any body. Thus if you come back in series 4, no body will mind, not even your jealous friends, who thought, your walking was ridiculous after your spinal injury. Again spinal concussion is known (take it from a physician)

You have done Heiress in NY but very few people were able to enjoy your talent in that show because one has to go to NY to watch the show (sadly, I missed Heiress...)

Please do not turn down such a huge carrier opportunity.

Your opportunities will explode if you stay in DA since this show is so popular..

Stay English, Dan!

Although I do admire many of our American actors, none seem to combine all in one, that brilliant class, wit, intelligence and grace that the Brits do. Please Dan, don't be seduced by the glitz of Hollywood, it's "fame" can be so shallow and fleeting. I wish for you a marvelous screen and stage career, true to yourself ...and your own magnificent roots. And oh, how I hope your beautiful children will grow up "English"!
devoted in the USA

dear dan...

i want you to know that i love you more and more with every day that passes.

love youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Grow Up

Grow up and think of something intellegent to say like wishing him success. He is a happily Married man with children.

Kindness is such...

A virtue, especially when unkind comments under the cloak of anonymity are so easy to do. I think the person above who expressed "love" for Dan, is young, enthused, and has very good taste! Count
me in, as an old lady, also a very devoted fan of that kind, and very married young British gentleman.
devoted old lady from the USA

Dan's look may be new...

Yet always handsome, but so lovely to note his gentlemanly manner remains his very own. Please don' t lose those things I admire most about you, Dan, including that incompable English accent!
from the USA

Good to see him

It's good to see Dan on stage again, there's just a little hint of an American accent!
"Don't lose that English one altogether Dan!"

Change is good!

Changing looks to suit different parts can be fun, and Dan is quite good at it. He looks entirely different in the photos, but when he speaks he looks just like himself again. I'll bet Dan's look will change many times as his career grows and it will be interesting to follow. Can't wait for the next 'act'!

Re" Change is good!

Yes, it looks like Dan is going to have lots of fun and keep us all guessing what's next. I hope that he will get many varied & challenging you, I am eager to see what his future holds.
Meanwhile, with "Summer In February", "The Fifth Estate" & "Walk Among the Tombstones", there are some delights in store..... I'm also hoping for some more audiobooks if he can find the time - he reads them so well.
Only good wishes Dan!

Dan Stevens


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