GQ Most Stylish Man of the Year Award 2013

GQ Most Stylish Man of the Year Award 2013

Congratulations to Dan for his award last night. Some gorgeous photos are online of him attending the event in London. Metro and GQ have details.

The 30-year-old Downton Abbey star fended off a room of hunky rivals to be dubbed the most stylish at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night.

His journey to scoop the accolade didn’t come without some effort though, after Stevens stunned fans with a makeover following his US breakthrough as Matthew Crawley in the period drama. The actor shed pounds in weight, lopped off his blonde curtains and went for a dark and brooding look to live up to his Tinseltown fame.

And Stevens mocked his former self as he picked up the award, also dedicating it to Sir David Frost. He said: ‘My wife thinks this is hilarious. She reminded me when we first met I wore jeans that we could both fit into.’  


Stylish in every way

A young man, with many talents, impeccable manners, natural charm and charisma.
So pleased to see him back on home soil, even if only on a brief visit, and so looking forward to his next projects in whatever field they may be.

stylish in every way

Oh Please, let's have some perspective, Dan was great as Matthew Crawley, I assume as you talk about his impeccable manners etc you know him well. but most stylish never. He has been photographed wearing some seriously dodgy outfits - stylish folk are the likes of Tom Hiddleston, George Clooney, Eddie Redmayne etc. One particular grey shiny suit stands out in the memory as hideous with it's black piping on the lapels.

Why so stressy?

Why so stressy and sarcy? We are all just coming on here for a bit of fun!


Why must it be necessary to criticize someone's admiration for the fine actor, and genuine gentleman that Dan Stevens is, whether we know him personally or not...the man is one handsome Englishman, whatever he wears, he wears well!
from the USA

 And your reason for coming

 And your reason for coming to a Dan Stevens website to tell us other actors are better is??

And your reason for coming

If you read the post properly I didn't say they were better, simply more stylish. I enjoy Dan's work but that does not mean that I have to absolutely agree with everything that is posted here. I was simply making a point that I do not believe he is the most stylish, nothing to do with his acting ability which I admire. A mere observation, perhaps you too know him as well as others who praise his good manners etc, me I simply enjoy his acting and do not attribute qualities to him that I do not know he possesses.

A stylish gentleman with wit and intelligence!

Be still my aching heart! Dan Stevens belongs to a rare breed of men. Handsome, modest, witty, and smart.

Congratulations on the GQ award. Maybe he will donate his old blue jeans to a charity auction some day - like Mr. Darcy's "wet" shirt which fetched thousands of dollars at a charity event.

Congrats, Dan! You totally

Congrats, Dan! You totally deserve it. I did like your "Matthew Crawley" look, too. You look AWESOME!!! Again, congrats.

Dan Stevens


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