Graham Norton Show 7th June 2013

According to the Dan will be one of the guests of the Graham Norton Show on Friday 7th June 2013. It seems the episode will also air on BBC America the following week. 


Ah! I was wondering which

Ah! I was wondering which side of the Atlantic he was on when he tweeted the photo of him & Allen Leech I see he's back in the UK.
Hoping all goes well -- Graham Norton can be a tough show to appear on. Best of luck, Dan!! <3

No, in NY still ....& not only, but also....

I think that Allen Leech is visiting NY. Dan is still there and is due to be presenting some awards tomorrow.

Not only due to appear on Graham Norton's show, but also on the Andrew Marr show on SundayJune 9th.

Busy, busy! But it will be good to see him back in the UK.

Wow, that makes him a very

Wow, that makes him a very busy man indeed. (The jet lag alone would kill me, I don't know how he does it.) In any case it was lovely to see him & Allen reunited in the photo and I am so looking forward to watching him on TV soon! NY still...& not only, but also....

Aren't both those TV shows that you have mentioned live BBC Shows filmed in London - Graham Norton in the evening and Andrew Marr in the morning?

Dan Stevens must be flying out of NY very soon as the special screenings of 'Summer in February' commence next week. They will be disappointed in Cornwall if he doesn't turn up.

It seems as though Dan Stevens will be hitting the ground running as soon as he touches down at Heathrow..

Re" in NY....

Yes, looks as though Dan must be making a dash for home after his appearance today at the presentations.

I am not sure that he was scheduled to appear at Cornwall premiere tonight, or whether "members of the cast and crew" was a general statement. I am sure that they will be well represented and hope that all goes well for them tonight.

Hurry home Dan!

Good news!

So pleased to see this.......should be good!
It looks like Dan is going to be busy when back here in the UK, promoting Summer In February and presumably preparing for forthcoming filming.

Summer in February

But a shame about he film

Re "Summer In February" - "shame about..."

Sorry, I don't quite understand your comment - so please explain - have you seen it & are passing comment about it, or are you unable to see it in your country at the moment?


This was confirmed tonight at the end of the episode. Have already set my Sky+ box to tape it. Whoop Whoop!

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