Graham Norton sneak peek & Telegraph interview

Graham Norton sneak peek & Telegraph interview

BBC America have shared a lovely sneak peek at tonight's show, which features Dan!

The Telegraph has posted a great interview with Dan along with some lovely photos.

He sees Summer in February as a “pre-Downton project”, and his work since leaving the show has been nothing if not varied: as well as the Neeson thriller and the Broadway show, he has suffered the terrible indignity of playing a journalist from The Guardian in The Fifth Estate, a drama about Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks website.

“I’m fascinated by that whole narrative, and the questions around WikiLeaks really thrill me,” he says enthusiastically. “The story doesn’t really have an ending at the moment, and the film acknowledges that very cleverly, I think.” Assange himself is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who once, in an unguarded moment described the second series of Downton as “f------ atrocious”. Stevens admits he playfully reminded him of the verdict on set as often as possible. “I teased him about it all the time,” he hoots. “It was a terribly easy way to make him feel bad. But, of course, there are no hard feelings between us and it was great getting to work with him. I think it was the usual crossed wires thing, but a quote like that is too good for various outlets to ignore.”

Next he will play Captain Flint in a new adaptation of Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons, which is to be filmed in the Lake District later this summer, while continuing to co-edit The Junket, a quarterly online literary magazine he launched with some friends shortly after university. “I should say that we were all a lot less busy then than we are now,” he adds hastily.


Saw the show today...

And Dan, was as usual, the class of the group, and therefore a bit out of place. Its difficult to be a true gentleman surrounded by those who are willing to do/say anything to get an audience snicker. His innate intelligence was wasted. I fear these shows are the same on both sides of the pond.

Hope is the thing...

And I certainly hope this will be shown in its entirety here. Didn't much appreciate the buffoon at the other end of the sofa, but Dan looked fabulous and I love it when he blushes! What a classy man.
from the USA

Saw the show today, Dan

Saw the show today, Dan looked fantastic and did very well! Also great for him to get the word out on Summer in February. :)

Loved the article & looking forward....

I loved the article and am really looking forward to seeing the GN show this evening. It certainly looks like it is going to be good fun!

Loved the article and enjoyed the GN Show

Enjoyed reading the article and just loved the Graham Norton Show. It was hilarious and Dan Stevens even though he seemed a little uneasy at times and kept reaching for the glass of water, entered into it. It was a great show ... lots of laughs.... great company.... most enjoyable.

GN show

Hilarious clip!! I DO hope it's shown in N. America!!

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