The Guest: Dan Stevens cinema’s next iconic action star

The Guest: Dan Stevens cinema’s next iconic action star

Contact Music shared has several photos of Dan at the recent Sundance festival, while great reviews and online buzz for his performance in The Guest continue. 

“Dan Stevens, best known as the upper-crust Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, is surprisingly ripped and deadly as David, and the film lets him play up the character’s all-things-to-all-people charm. There’s something particularly unsettling about chilling deeds being performed by someone this handsome, a fact that the filmmakers are well aware of.” Geek Nation

Dan Stevens (“The Guest”) If you want to find a new power source, take a time machine, travel back a year or so, and tell the world that cinema’s next iconic action star would be Cousin Matthew from “Downton Abbey.” Then, sit back and watch the laughter power the entire Eastern Seaboard, “Monsters Inc”-style. But that’s what became quickly apparent after the first screening of Adam Wingard’s “The Guest” at Sundance. The new film from the man behind deeply pleasurable slasher film “You’re Next,” “The Guest” is a John Carpenter-ish grindhouse actioner, proving to be a real crowdpleaser in the Midnight section of the festival, and in large part because of Stevens’ performance. The actor, severely slimmed down after leaving ‘Downton,’ has popped up in American fare like “The Fifth Estate,” but seems to be a revelation here. Our review said “Imagine if a young Tom Cruise had been cast in the title role in ‘The Terminator,’ ” and said of Stevens “he’s absolutely magnetic here,” and while the whole cast (particularly Maika Monroe, who was so good in “At Any Price”), should do well out of the movie, it’s Stevens—who’ll soon be seen in Scott Frank’s “A Walk Among The Tombstones” and as Lancelot in “Night At The Museum 3”—who looks likely to rise to the top of casting wish-lists in the near future. Indie Wire Ones To Watch

Silver Screen Riot has shared a great interview with the cast and creators of The Guest. 


Q: Actors of course have to have physical training. Was there any other physical training, like martial arts, involved?

Dan Stevens: Yeah, there was actually, training for well over a month. Doing like weights and stuff in the morning and martial arts in the afternoon. It was a big old transformation for me actually.

SB: Our action choreographer, Clayton Barber, who worked on “You’re Next”, worked out with Dan. They like hit you a lot. We don’t really know what happened.

DS: I don’t want to talk about it.

Q: Dan, did you have a favorite action sequence to shoot in the film?

DS: Yeah I had my ear pierced by a door.

SB: Yeah, when Dan is running by things that are exploding, that’s not a stunt double sometimes.

AW: Yeah, early on, we did some shots were Dan is running by some splintering wood being shot to pieces. For some reason, I felt like that was important that you be in that shot. And that was the last time, because a piece went through Dan’s ear. It basically made a perfect little piercing in your ear.

Q: Where did you find this guy (Dan)?

AW: On this little known show, Downton Abbey. When going through the casting of the film, I knew I wanted someone who had a very calm, cool aesthetic to them, but who was naturally likeable. I talked to a lot of actors going through the casting. And Dan was actually one of the first people I talked to. He was just so nice. I could just see the character in him. From the very get-go he was my top choice.


It is so good to read

It is so good to read all these positive reviews, that quite frankly, are quite thrilling and exciting. At last Dan may receive some of the more deserved comments - he is a brilliant actor who has not always been acknowledged as such, and who will hopefully continue to entertain, amuse, enthrall, and captivate us.

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