The Guest: Dan Stevens is outstanding in the title role

The Guest: Dan Stevens is outstanding in the title role

The premiere for The Guest took place last night, in Sundance. As well as some wonderful photos of Dan attending the event on Getty and other photo agencies, there is a fantastic review for Dan's performance on HitFix.

I've never seen even five seconds of "Downton Abbey" and before tonight, I wouldn't have known Dan Stevens on the street if I'd seen him. But he is front and center in "The Guest," and he is outstanding in the title role. He plays David, a soldier who shows up one day on the doorstep of a couple (played by Leland Orser and Sheila Kelley) who recently lost their son in Afghanistan. David tells them that he knew their son and he promised him when he died that David would check up on them to make sure they were okay. Anna (Maika Monroe) and Luke (Brendan Meyer) are Caleb's brother and sister, and they each react in different ways to David's arrival. Luke is bullied, a timid kid who could use an older brother, particularly one who is a killing machine bad-ass, while Anna is starting to pull away from her parents and she is suspicious of this stranger...

...Stevens has a great ability to turn on the charm in one moment, then drop it and go deadly serious in the next, and the way you're never sure what's actually coming out of David is one of the film's pleasures. Wingard is totally aware of just how much fun Stevens is, too. Each time Stevens drops his mask to reveal some new facet of who David actually is, you can almost hear Wingard and Barrett high-fiving each other behind the camera. There is a giddy sense of invention to the movie, and it's told in this breathless way that is part of what makes it feels like such unashamed fun.


"The Guest" Reviews

This isn't the only rave...every single review I've read has singled out Dan's performance, labelling him magnetic, brilliant, mesmerizing...and that he's completely reinvented himself as an action star. One film blogger said he should be the next James Bond.

No more dapper dream- boat Downton Dan

Dan Stevens has achieved the goal he set for himself when he exited Downton Abbey, namely to perfect the art of playing villains instead of the perennial Mr Nice-Guy which can be achieved by any actor and especially a good-looking one with blue eyes and a smooth English accent. It takes a special talent to pull off the role of a villain and make the audience hate you, fear you and despise you yet still want to see more of you. Dan Stevens has achieved this in a completely different genre to that of period drama namely, that of the psychological horror genre.

No doubt there will be many more villains to play and we will see Dan Stevens in more movies of this type-which provide him with far greater scope for his talents than perpetuating the Matthew Crawley type to satiate the swooning Downton Abbey fans who seem incapable of moving beyond the handsome charming sensitive Matthew Crawley.

More challenging roles as a villain will come Dan Stevens way and hopefully open the door he has been knocking on for the past 17 months. It has been ages since the Movie world had a first class Villain in its ranks.

Mixing it up a bit!

In several recent interviews Dan has said how he wants to "mix it up a bit", referring to new roles and looks!
He is certainly managing it now - breaking the mould and stretching his acting muscles! Good luck to him, it is a fascinating and enjoyable journey that he is taking us on.
I have no doubt that he will step into period/classic/romantic roles again in the future, as well as exploring all these new genres, and will have great fun keeping us all guessing what's coming next!

The Guest at Sundance

Saw The Guest last night at Sundance - and loved it! Dan plays a psychopath really well :) It was amazing sitting in the same theater with Dan Stevens! I had to keep turning around during the movie to make sure he really was there...

"The Guest" at Sundance

Happy to find this glowing review. Does anyone know when it will be given wide release in the States?
Looking forward to seeing it.

You're so awesome! Glad

You're so awesome! Glad you're having great success after DA. *though I still miss Matthew- day by day*. Looking forward to watching more of your movies! :)

So pleased!

I am so very pleased to read this review......well done Dan, and congratulations to all those involved in making the film.
I hope that it won't be too long before it arrives in the UK.


I am delighted to read such a review. This is the only film I have in my Sundance app queue to let me know when I can screen it. Well done Dan! I am looking forward to seeing you portray this sinister role.

Dan Stevens


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