The Guest: Icon Film pick up for UK distribution

News that Icon Film has picked up The Guest for UK distribution, has been shared by The Hollywood Reporter

Also scheduled to hit U.K. theaters via Icon will be The Guest, a genre-bending thriller from director Adam Wingard, writer Simon Barrett and producers Keith Calder and Jessica Wu, the team behind the acclaimed indie You’re Next, V/H/S andV/H/S 2. Featuring British rising star Dan Stevens, (TV's Downton Abbey) the film received its world premiere in the midnight program at this year’s Sundance, and also stars Maika Monroe (The Bling Ring), Brendan Meyer (Mr Young - TV series) and Sheila Kelly (Matchstick Men). Stevens plays a soldier who returns home to visit a fallen comrade’s family, but the perfect houseguest is not what he seems as a mysterious and sinister chain of events unfold.

The Guest is being presented internationally by Hanway.

And another great review for Dan's performance in The Guest has been shared by JoBlo.

Were it not for Don Johnson in COLD IN JULY, I’d say Dan Stevens gave the single best performance I saw at this year’s Sundance. Watching him in Adam Wingard’s action-horror hybrid THE GUEST, you’d never know that his bad-ass anti-hero (the most vicious since Rutger Hauer in THE HITCHER) was also the stammering, floppy-haired Lord Matthew on DOWNTON ABBEY. If you thought Stevens was going to be the next Hugh Grant- think again. With this, he just might become the next Michael Fassbender or Daniel Craig.



Another good review! Well done Dan!

"And let's end today's rundown on an absolute high. Adam Wingard's THE GUEST is every bit as great as you've heard. It works brilliantly as an homage to 1980's action horror flicks given a sharp twist, and it is a superb showcase for ex 'Downtown Abbey' star Dan Stevens in his Hollywood hunk makeover persona. He plays David, a soldier who turns up at the bereaved Petersen family's door, saying he's a friend of their recently deceased son Caleb, and that he promised he would call on them to tell them all how much he loved them. At first David seems the perfect guest, friendly, helpful and happy to problem solve. But then strange things start to happen: Mr Petersen gets the promotion he always wanted when his rival suddenly commits suicide, the bullies making school life hell for teenager Luke get beaten up. Waitress daughter Anna starts putting it together when she calls up army records and learns no one called David exists. What's going on and how can the family stop the explosive, cold-blooded murder right on their doorstep. The Halloween maze finale worth the price of entry alone, this is one terrific and fun roller coaster ride through superbly choreographed and bloody mayhem with Stevens a revelation."
Seen in the Frightfest Berlin pages -

This is SUCH good news!

I thought that we might have to wait a long time for "The Guest" to arrive here in the UK, so maybe not now?

Dan Stevens


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