The Guest: Moviefone interview

The Guest: Moviefone interview

A new interview with Dan for Moviefone has been shared online. In it, Dan chats about The Guest, A Walk Among Tombstones, The Cobbler and Night at the Museum 3.

Moviefone: What did you think when you first read this script?

Dan Stevens: I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was insanely funny. I laughed from beginning to end. It was just a thrill. And it was so playful and it reminded me of so many movies that I loved growing up -- in one script. So it read consistently with how the movie turned out? Yeah, it did, and I'm really delighted with how it ended up and to see it being received in the spirit in which it was made, which was very fun and very celebratory of a certain kind of cinema that we were fed on in the eighties and nineties. Especially growing up in Britain at that time, we were steeped in American action movies and horror movies. That was our lifeblood. And as soon as I had established with Adam that we both loved the movie "Big Trouble in Little China," I knew that we were off to a great start.

Did they try to explain what they were trying to do with the script or you just got it?

I just kind of got it. And I didn't realize that I was one of the few who had. I think that Adam had met with a few guys and they had taken it a bit too seriously. And certainly some people who read it, some of my representatives, didn't get it. They said, "Why do you want to do this? It's so nasty and horrible." They hadn't appreciated that there was room for humor in a film like this. But I think people are laughing at different things now. Horror has evolved in the way that comedy has, I think. And Adam and Simon are keenly aware of that shift. We do dance between that, too. It's not that it's an out-and-out hilarious comedy but nor do we want it to be out-and-out nasty and creepy and weird. We wanted to play with that shift.

There's a little bit of "The Terminator" in your performance...

There's a lot of "The Terminator" in there.



Can't wait to see this film, and so enjoy all the interviews with Dan, who always shows his intelligence and courtesy in all of them. A man for all seasons....and all roles!

Oct 10 - Dan's birthday and date of wide-release for "The Guest!

"The Guest" will be shown in 500 cinemas on Oct 10th! How wonderful as it will be Dan's birthday!

What a way to celebrate! On to greater achievements, Dan! You are a very talented actor, and a truly wonderful guy.

Yes, certainly a great way to mark the big day!

I am so pleased to hear this. Sadly the UK screenings were rather more limited. The good news is that at least the film will be available to download via iTunes, later this year.

Missed The Guest?

There is a website that shows screenings of The Guest in the UK

Another great interview

There are so many good interviews available now, with particular reference to The Guest & A Walk Among The Tombstones. Well done Dan!

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