The Guest: new photos & interviews

The Guest: new photos & interviews

The Guest was released in the US yesterday, and new stills from the film, along with new interviews with Dan have continued to appear online. New photoshoot photos are on Red Eye, while Zimbio has uploaded photos of dan from the NY Special Screening on Tuesday. Bustle has shared several hi-res stills and an interview.

Stevens was immediately drawn to the script, a twisted slasher flick whose brutal death scenes might just make you laugh out loud. “I can’t remember exactly what page it was, but I remember that I very, very quickly began to laugh out loud and couldn’t stop until I finished,” Stevens said. “Adam [Wingard] was very excited by the fact that I found it funny. There’s a shared sense of humor that Adam and Simon [Barrett], the writer, and I have.” Bustle

A new interview for IndieWire is here, and a video interview for Fox has been uploaded to You Tube.

A new trailer has been uploaded to You Tube.


Fabulous interview with ABC's film critic Peter Travis

click on the link below to see Dan in an interview with Peter Travis - talking about the Guest, but also about his love of "Big Trouble in Little China" and making the web short "High Maintenance."

I wished Dan sung, but he didn't. He promised to . . . next time.

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