The Guest: US press tour interviews and pics

The Guest: US press tour interviews and pics

In advance of next week's US theatrical release of The Guest, Dan has been on a promotional tour of the US, prior to the Toronto International Film Festival. Lots of photos and interviews have appeared, the latest from the LA Times, who also shared this great photo.

On top of acting, you studied literature at Cambridge, you co-founded a literary journal, you've been a columnist for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, and you play the violin and cricket. Have you always been this annoyingly well-rounded?

Well, I don't play the violin very well, and I don't play cricket well at all. But I just like challenging myself in new ways. Now I'm trying to focus that more toward my acting, so that each role has a different element to it.

There is a video interview with WGN TV here, while Crave Online's interview is here.

Had you ever done a project with this much stuntwork and action?

I hadn’t done it before. Since then I’ve taken on Night at the Museum which is, certainly from my character’s perspective, an action comedy with a lot of very, very big action sequences. But no, The Guest was a first for me in terms of all the machine gun fire going off while you’re trying to crawl along the corridor. A lot of the fight scenes were new to me but it was a great challenge to take on.

How did you adapt to it? Was it just another form of acting? Was it difficult to learn choreography on that level?

Like you said, it’s choreography. At the end of the day, I’ve done choreography of various forms in a lot of other things. The physical preparation was key really for the psychology of the character as well. Looking the part, feeling the part but also the ordeal of going through some of that training really put me in a particular headspace. It was very appropriate to David I think.

The NY Times has a new photos shoot and interview. 

Un-Matthew No. 1: David in “The Guest” (opening Wednesday), a mysterious and charming ex-soldier with a buff physique and a sleepy Southern drawl who insinuates himself into a blameless small-town family and, in the space of a few days, leaves half the neighbors — as well as an elite military hit squad meant to take him down — dead. Interactive Feature: Fall Arts Preview — Times 100

Un-Matthew No. 2: Kenny in “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (Friday), a squirrelly, strung-out, super-skinny Brooklyn drug dealer who hires a disgraced cop turned private investigator (Liam Neeson, naturally) to find his kidnapped wife.

Un-Matthew No. 3: Colin in an episode of “High Maintenance,” an online series of no-budget short films about the adventures of a Brooklyn pot dealer. In his segment, Mr. Stevens plays an amiable stay-at-home dad who lives in a cloud of weed, writer’s block and women’s clothing.

Lots of photos from the press tour can be found here, here, and here



To open the our Sunday paper, (The Arizona Republic) and find two wonderful though brief articles about Dan and his upcoming films. The first a telephone interview re "The Guest", with our resident film critic, and then a delightful picture and brief "What You Don"t Know About Me" item in the USA TODAY segment. What a lovely way to start the day...

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