The Guest: Vanity Fair and other interviews

The Guest: Vanity Fair and other interviews

Several new interviews with Dan, promoting The Guest and A Walk Among The Tombstones have appeared online.

The Daily Beast posted their interview. Read it in full on the website.

The Daily Beast met Stevens in a dreary New York hotel room. He looked very thin, was huskily bearded, and in a slim blue suit. He was friendly, a little nervous, getting over a cold, and wryly funny.

TT: You look so different. You’ve lost a huge amount of weight.

DS: I went right down, about 30 pounds for (the Liam Neeson movie) A Walk Among the Tombstones, then back up for The Guest. Now I’m somewhere in the middle. I suppose I’ve lost some of my puppy fat.

TT: Do your fans like it, or do they say they want to send you cake? DS: They’re very welcome to send cake as long as it’s gluten-free.

TT: It’s a pretty knockout bod. What’s it like as a torso pin-up?

DS: It’s very funny, in particular because that scene in the film makes me laugh, with the music and steam, coming out of the bathroom, and Anna (the daughter, played by Maika Monroe) is David’s biggest challenge in the movie. David wants to win the family over, and everybody, except Anna, is putty in his hands. He doesn’t know how to crack this one: It turns out all you need to do is take your shirt off.

TT: How did you get the body?

DS: I did a lot of gym work, martial arts. The discipline required for martial arts fed into the psychology of the character, who approaches everything mission by mission. It was gratifying to meet with special-ops guys. I looked at their physique. They weren’t great hulks of men. Because of the things they’re required to do physically and athletically they’re quite lithe. They’re lean and ripped, but they don’t look Arnie.

TT: What did your wife say at the transformation?

DS (laughs): She was delighted.

TT: How does she feel about you being a sex symbol? DS: She’s delighted. For her, it’s like getting a whole new husband.

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ErsInk shared the above photo as well as the interview online.


Lovely Dan Stevens

Dan is wonderful in these interviews. He is insanely gorgeous and extremely talented!!! Congratulations Dan for all your hard work, it certainly paid off!!!

From Boston, with love:)

So many rave reviews

So pleased for Dan & all the team that were involved with The Guest!
An action packed fun thriller with plenty of twists. It benefits from being seen at least twice, if not more.

Wonderful Dan

Dan did such a fabulous job in all the interviews and looked wonderful. I hope he can take a vacation with his family now.

Dan Stevens


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