The Heiress and other interviews

The Heiress and other interviews

EW has shared an exclusive interview with Dan and the cast of The Heiress on its website.

For Stevens, the chance to play a character a little less pure-hearted than Matthew Crawley was part of the draw. “I was just blown away by reading the play,” he said. “[I loved] the moral ambiguities and the questions it asked….I don’t think it’s clear cut. [Some people] say, ‘He’s a gold digger.’ Well, is he? I don’t know. I think it’s more interesting and complex than [that]…. The father certainly thinks he is, and some of the audience might think he is. I hope some of the audience might think he’s not. That idea of playing with uncertainty and doubt, it’s really exciting and makes for great theater.”

Another interview with Dan to promote his latest audio book - The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, can be found on the Audio File Magazine website

Finally make sure you get the November issue of Vanity Fair, which has a photoshoot and interview with Dan. 


The Time Keeper

This is an absolutely fabulous reading of a remarkable book. Perhaps one of the best Dan has done?

Dan Stevens


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