The Heiress: spotlight

As The Heiress nears it's final few weeks, have shared a spotlight video on the show, with cast interviews. 


The Heiress

I saw The Heiress in December and met Dan outside the theatre - the stage door is right next the theatre doors so you can't miss. He was absolutely lovely chatting to everyone and signing autographs and having photos taken. Very patient and sweet. Both looks and personality live up to expectations.
Hope you enjoy the show when you go.

Saw Dan perform in The Heiress and met at stage door

We met Dan after seeing him perform in The Heiress. It was funny seeing him play a role regarding the same issues (wealth/class in the 19th century) similar to Downton Abbey, but on the other side of it as a poor conniving suitor, and also with an American accent! He was very good in the show, even though his part was in a supporting role. Caught him outside the theater afterwards and got some great photos of him, couldn't help myself and called out to him "You're so handsome!" which got a chuckle from the crowd at the stagedoor. Was so glad to see him in person!

That's wonderful! I am going

That's wonderful! I am going to see The Heiress in Feb, I can't wait. Might I ask how you were able to meet him? I would love to take a picture or even just get a hello!

Post Partem

It's sad knowing that the show will be ending in Feb and Dan will no longer be a fixture at the Walter Kerr. Like Freddy Enysford Hill in "My Fair Lady", it's sort of nice walking around the NY theater district area knowing Dan's been performing nearby. Indeed, the lyrics say it all:

"And oh! The towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near.
The overpowering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear!".. at the stage door :)

Oh well, next up is Summer in February hopefully.

Dan Stevens


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