The Heiress: & USA Today interviews

The Heiress: & USA Today interviews

This great photo of Dan by Charlie Gray can be found in the November issue of GQ, to celebrate the finale of Downton Abbey series 3. The issue is available to buy for iPad too. and USA Today have interviews with Dan in advance of the opening of The Heiress on Broadway in a few days. He chats about The Heiress, Vamps and of course Downton Abbey.

What is it like getting to be up close and personal with your fans while Downton Abbey is airing new episodes in England?

Doing film and TV, you don’t get so much to meet the fans, and it’s especially exciting for me to come all the way over here and meet people who are as crazy or more crazy about Downton as they are back home—American fans are more enthusiastic. I met a girl the other day who said she hadn’t spoken to her mom for 10 years, and now they sit down every Sunday and watch the show, and they’re getting on so much better. We never intended Downton Abbey to be family therapy treatment, so it’s lovely.

Rumors are swirling about whether or not you have signed on for season four. What’s going on? 

The viewers won’t be grateful for any spoilers, and I figure the best thing is just to keep watching the show, keep enjoying the show and not to read any gossip columns or any rumors.



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Dan as Christian Grey

I'm not sure he would want the part but I think Dan would make a great Christian Grey in Shades of Grey.

I don't think Dan has quite

I don't think Dan has quite descended to portraying pornography for middle aged women.

Dan as James Bond

I think that it is time for a NEW James Bond! In my mine's ear, I can hear Dan say: Bond, here, James Bond! Time for more suspense, drama, and action for Dan! He would be the perfect James Bond!

You are gravitas,

You are gravitas, world weary attitude etc. We are over the public schoolboy, smart man about town Bond, we have a Bond for the times in Daniel Craig, no contest!!

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