The Heiress & Downton Abbey 3 -The Sun and Woman magazine interviews

The Heiress & Downton Abbey 3 -The Sun and Woman magazine interviews

The Sun website carries an interview with Dan in which he mentions moving to New York to star in The Heiress, Vamps and the new series of Downton Abbey.

This week's Woman magazine has a behind the scenes photo feature for Downton Abbey which has been scanned and added to the galleries. 

Dan says he is prepared for whatever comes his way on the back of his US move but insists he will stay the same person he has always been.

He adds: “New York is beautiful and I am very excited. It would be great to have success over there although I am not too sure I will be as successful as James Corden. “But the move to Broadway is not all about money. It’s about experience.

“I want to be fulfilled by what I do. My life has changed thanks to Downton and I can’t wait to get out to America.”


Downton - the future and Dan

I am sure we all want to see Dan taking on new roles and projects, I am especially looking forward to Summer In February, the book is excellent. Also his numerous and varied narrations of audiobooks to which he brings such life and wonderful portrayal of characters, offer hours of pleasure. However, I think that it would be difficult for Dowton to continue without him as the role of Matthew Crawley is pivotal to the story of the estate and its characters, or at least it has been so far! Maybe the end of this fine series is not too distant - I personally hope that there might be one or two more series, and I am quite certain that Julian Fellowes will know exactly what do. He and his team have done a superb job so far! Meanwhile we can all enjoy Series 3, with so many supeb actors and actresses, and I for one, hope that we shall see Dan again as Matthew, as well as in other performances, whatever and wherever they are.

The Sun interview

I don't read too much into I might not go back to Downton, as what he said ( if you can believe what you read in a newspaper ) quote " “I don’t know if I will be coming back to Downton as I don’t know if they are doing another series yet.” unquote. ITV hasn't formally announced a commission for S4 yet and probably wont until midway to end of S3 (excluding the CS), although JF says he is already writing it. The Heiress finishes its run on 10 February. Obviously if he gets what he considers a better offer he may not want too, although I think the producers of DA would probably try to get him for some of the series allowing him to work on other things. Likewise some other members of the cast will also no doubt be looking at other perhaps more lucrative work. I expect Carnival in the event of S4 will have to offer improved financial terms to keep some of the cast. Anyhow he and his family should enjoy their stay in New York. Hope to be over there later in the year and will try to get along to see it.

Sun Interview

I think that you are probably right - let us hope so. Meanwhile we can enjoy S3 soon and the re-runs on ITV3 this week and next.

Sun -

Leaving Downton? Do hope that the Sun have got this wrong.

Dan leaving Downton?

I'm sure that Dan leaving Downton, if that is the case, and we are only surmising this, will be a terribe wrench for all his followers, but feel that should Series 4 materialise, cant see that the role of Matthew can feasibly be an option. I dont envy Julian Fellowes the task of dealing with this assumption. Maybe Series 3 will provide some answers, but I guess we shall have to see, and in an event, would Dan be prepared to continue in the role of Matthew? It was/is a perfect role that established Dan and providedd him with terrific exposure. Personally, think he should be written out - who knows how? and I shall be as disappointed as everyone, but it may be the best thing so that Dan move onto greater roles in both the theatre and film, and very good luck to him, but he knows which direction he will take and am sure he will do what is right for him (and of course his family) and I wish him well. Pat Giles

Leaving Downton

Isn't Dan going to be gone in February from the US? "Filming is due to start in Tanzania in February 2013"
is a quote from this fan site in reference to the Catastrophist. Which I am excited to see and other future roles! Perhaps some day he will star as James Bond! My point is that we have the opportunity to see his career expand right in front of our eyes and ears. Although I am a fan of Downton Abbey, someday it will end, but the opportunity to continue seeing Dan in various roles is more satisfying to me than a limited engagement. He is multi-talented and should not limit his career only to certain roles but to explore and to use all the creative attributes that he has. He is making good career choices and he needs to continue to follow the dream that is within himself. Best wishes to him and his family for a wonderful life.

(I hope also that he continues with this web site fan page because it well organized, timely informative, and easily accessible for fans.)

Leaving Downton

Yes, The Heiress finishes its run on Feb. 10 and he was offered the role after no American actor was considered suitable to play the part of an upper class cad ( not my words ) and they felt they would need to import a British actor and American actors equity agreed to allow it.

I understood Steve Coogan has the lead role in The Catastrophist along with Stephen Dorff and Rapper Knaan! So I don't know what role Dan is up for although I know he is attached to this production ( that's the wording I read when it was first announced ) along with Freida Pinto. He could still manage DA, as I suspect the producers will be quite flexible over his shooting schedule ( I know the film is being shot in Tanzania ). Many scenes are shot weeks after the others for an individual episode. The main difficulty would be filming the dinner table scenes where a larger no. of cast are involved. I hope it might run to S5 with M & M becoming Earl and Countess half way through the last series, sorry Hugh Bon.

As Dan describes it "as being huge in the US" and he is obviously benefiting from that, his American fans would also be disappointed to see him leave.

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