The Heiress on Broadway, Downton Abbey & 007 Reloaded

The Heiress on Broadway, Downton Abbey & 007 Reloaded

Playbill have listed the full cast for The Heiress on Broadway, which will have a limited run until 23rd February 2013. Tickets to the show are available to buy from the official website for The Heiress

The revival starring Jessica Chastain, Dan Stevens, David Strathairn and Judith Ivey will open Nov. 1 following previews from Oct. 7 at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Woman magazine have an interview with Dan and Michelle Dockery to promote series 3 of Downton Abbey. A full scan is in the galleries (thanks to Lorna for the scan), but note that the magazine expects the new series to begin on 16th September!

The Radio Times have an audio clip of Dan reading Casino Royale - 007 Reloaded on the website. The full recordings will be available from 6th September.

The torture sequence in this first Bond adventure is certainly one of the most gruesome passages in the entire canon, so it’s no surprise that actor Dan Stevens describes it as “rather horrible”. In it, 007 is sat naked on a cane chair (only one without a seat) and has his private parts flogged with a carpet beater. Nearly 60 years on, it’s still an incredibly visceral moment. But it’s not the only part of the novel to have surprised the Downton Abbey actor: “The end of the book gets all sort of mushy and romantic. I hadn’t really associated that with Bond so much. I know Bond always gets the girl, but I didn’t know he got quite so romantically involved.”

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