The Heiress: new Playbill interview

The Heiress: new Playbill interview

A new interview with Dan has been posted on the Playbill website

Have you found any notable differences between Broadway audiences and the audiences back home?

DS: The Broadway audiences are very vocal and seem very engaged. For certain shows, especially with a show like The Heiress, the audience's reactions sound like "The Jerry Springer Show" sometimes. That seems to be a very New York thing. Oh, there's also the entrance round of applause here, which we don't get too much in London.

I'm not surprised that your character gets some strong audience reactions. On paper, Catherine's suitor comes across as a dishonorable, gold-digging villain.

DS: And I think it's possible to see him like that. But with this production Moisés and I were very interested in exploring how much honor you can find in him. I think you can believe a lot of what he says. Sure, he would've enjoyed Catherine's wealth and luxury, as would anyone, but maybe he and Catherine would've had a nice life together — we're not sure. He may've really loved her, but we'll never know. With a well-known play like this there are certain expectations, so people look out for the lines where Morris comes across as a gold-digger, but I like trying to find the good in him as well.

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