The Heiress: Officially a hit

The Heiress: Officially a hit

The Huffington Post is reporting on The Heiress as it begins the last few performances.

'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens' Broadway debut is officially a hit, after producers of the show revealed they'll make their money back. The British actor - who made his name playing Matthew Crawley in the ITV show until he was killed off at the end of last year - stars alongside Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain in the 'The Heiress'. The show's producers revealed the production will recoup its 3 million dollar capitalisation by the time the show closes on Saturday. By then, The Heiress will have played 27 previews and 117 regular performances.

Zimbio have some lovely stills for Downton Abbey season 3 episode 6.


Saw Heiress only because of Dan!

Would never have bought tickets to the show had it not been for Dan Stevens appearing in it, & even then he was not in it as much as the other characters. Saw him after the show at stage door which was awesome!

Review missed on this side

Edited to remove review. 

Review missed on this side

On the contrary, I think it should stay as proof that even if one critic canned the opening performance, it didn't bring about the early closure of The Heiress. People still turned up to see The Heiress, many travelled cross -country to see it and some even flew across the Pacific and the Atlantic to attend a performance and to meet Dan Stevens.

In spite of this poor Review The Heiress lasted for 117 performances... so his words were not given much credence.

As someone has already posted, if anything once the actors settled into the roles, the performance improved.

Rex Reed Review

Was he even in the theater or was he asleep or did he even go? Remove this review from this fan site at once!

Rex Reed

We are all fans of Dan on this site, but heavens, if we are only to allow positive and endless repetition of 'gentleman' and 'kind' it's hardly constructive is it? Hopefully criticism allows debate, and constructive criticism can provide instruction on occasion. Surely it would be good to allow all ranges of opinion expressed intelligently and without resort to rancour, more interesting certainly.

I don't disagree, however I

I don't disagree, however I wouldn't post an outright negative review on here, which that was. A mixed review which is honest, and generates discourse always welcome. Chat about the review as much as you wish. The original poster didn't offer accompanying comment, which was also odd.


Talking of reviews why is Summer in February taking so long to hit the screens? As far as I can tell filming finished around March/April last year and it has been picked up by a distributor.

Saw Dan Stevens in The Heiress

My husband and I are BIG fans of Downton Abbey and went to NYC to see Dan Stevens in The Heiress in mid-January. He gave a great performance -- Montgomery Cliff would be proud! We had the opportunity to meet him later and he is a gentleman -- how refreshing in this day and age. We wish him nothing but the best and are sorry he is leaving Downton Abbey! gh from Connecticut.

Gentleman indeed....

"Gentleman" and "kind" are two words often used to describe Dan Stevens by people who have occasion to meet and/or interview him. That is one of the many reasons I have become such a fan. His intellect, talent, and looks don't hurt either. But for me, the gentleman comes first. I look forward to all of his next ventures.

Gentleman indeed...

Everyone who has met Dan either casually or outside the Theatre signing programmes and having photos taken or at the many publcity events he has attended during his time in New York with The Heiress has said exactly the same thing.

A wonderful tribute to a lovely genuine person.

The Heiress

So Pleased that you both came down to New York to see the play. I and my daughter saw in Tuesday- myself for the third time! All the stars' performances have improved very much over the last three months. Chastain was far more effective and emotionally engaged- Strathairn performance more intense and most of all, Dan was much more at home with the American accent, had obviously lost weight so looked more his age in the play, and gave a more nuanced performance- hint of Morris's desparation in the final scene was much clearer here. Very emotional performances all around, although as usual, the Broadway obsession with playing EVERY production as a comedy (bad choice by Kaufman for this devastating play) was obvious. My daughter, who attended with me this time, had been skeptical, but was won over by the good work done by all the actors.
Dan now has to decide where he is going- probably to film and maybe Hollywood. But it's not an easy place to go professionally- hope he gets the roles he deserves. AND, comes back to NYC to do another play- Shakespeare????

Re "The Heiress" three times

Oh wow! Three times - that's wonderful, and interesting to note how the performances changed.

I would have loved to have managed even one trip, but not so easy from the UK. I am hoping that Dan will take a role on the stage here some time in the near future. Meanwhile we can look forward to the release of "Summer In February" and many other projects.

So pleased to read this!

I am so very pleased to read this.....well done to all the cast and production team of The Heiress, with a special congratulations to Dan.

Dan Stevens


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