The Heiress: opening night photos & great reviews

The Heiress: opening night photos & great reviews

Some wonderful reviews for Dan have appeared online following the opening of The Heiress on Broadway last night. There are lots of great photos around too, including this one which accompanies another interview with Dan on the website

Dan Stevens is learning to act American. When offered a cup of tea, the British star kindly requests coffee. He jokes about how his waiter at dinner last night couldn’t understand his pronunciation of “water,” and just to prove that he’s got the accent down—the one he’s been perfecting for his upcoming Broadway debut—he slips into a faultless impersonation, right down to the sarcasm. “I’m sorry, water,” he says with a laugh.

He’s been working on this dialect for a while, using what he calls his “parrot-like” abilities to take on an American character for the first time as Morris Townsend in “The Heiress,” which opens Nov. 1 at the Walter Kerr Theatre. “It’s a warm and welcoming community,” Stevens says of Broadway while sipping a Starbucks Americano. “You really get that community sense more than in London.”

Lots of photos from the opening night can be found on Marie-Claire Broadway World Theatre Mania and Playbill, which also has the video.


As Morris Townsend, the cash-strapped gentleman whose ardent interest in Catherine causes her to blossom in a dizzying two-week courtship, Stevens is ideal. While Dr. Sloper pegs him as a gold-digging wastrel and is determined to open his daughter’s eyes to that view, Stevens brings such unsullied earnestness to the role that we want to believe in his honest intentions, just as he appears to want the same. Morris is so bewitched by the material comforts of the Slopers’ swanky home on fashionable Washington Square that he seems as much a victim of his desires as the architect of any calculated scheme. Hollywood Reporter

Stevens impresses as a credibly likeable Townsend, all floppy hair and smiles when he bounds into the lives of the Slopers. And even when his motives become clearer, he’s never a straightforward gold-digger, but a self-deluding, ultimately pitiful man who believes the lines he spins. The Telegraph

So when the penniless but socially adroit Morris Townsend comes courting, Dr. Sloper is naturally suspicious. But as played by Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens with a fluid American accent, Morris is no one-note cad. While he freely admits to having blown through his own inheritance and acknowledges the material benefits of a union with Catherine, he also seems to genuinely draw her out of her shell. EW

Under the circumstances, it's only natural that poor Catherine should fall for a handsome but heartless fortune hunter like Morris Townsend, a charming enough fellow in Dan Stevens' smooth performance, if rather too obviously a cad and a bounder. Variety


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Just a quick note to wish you well on your next venture. May you enjoy each performance as much as those watching.

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