The Heiress: Tony Awards Eligibility Panel

The Heiress: Tony Awards Eligibility Panel

The New York Times and have shared details of the recent Tony Awards eligibility panel. The Tony Awards Administration Committee, is an oversight panel made up mostly of theater producers, who issue eligibility rulings for acting categories. This year Dan's role in The Heiress was included.

Dan Stevens will be considered eligible in the Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play category for his performance in The Heiress.


Best of Dan

What I like best of Dan is not his acting but his reading. His reading of audiobooks is outstanding!

Listening to Dan

Well, I have to agree that his reading is excellent. He can offer the listener an entire and specatcular personal audio drama with his wonderful range of character voices, tones and accents. I hope that he is going to do some more soon - I have listened to them all, some more than once, except for one that I cannot locate anywhere! More please, Dan!

Dan's eligibility

Good for Dan! Well deserved -- really enjoyed seeing him recreate Montgomery Cliff's role in The Heiress!


Without wishing to pour cold water on this, most actors who play on broadway between certain dates fall within the eligibility rules, this is not a judgment on his performance but rather whether he is eligible for consideration for a nomination. When and if he receives a Tony nomination will be the time to celebrate, so let's not pile on the pressure already!

Re : Eligibility

...ah well! It's the first step anyway!


saw Dan in this play, wonderful as usual

Tony Awards eligibility

I saw him in the play and I think he played the role very well.
Best wishes,

Congratulations and Good Luck!

I am so pleased to see this.
Congratulations and good luck.
I do hope that Dan will appear on the UK stage in the near future.


How wonderfully deserved...and I would love to hear Dan make an acceptance speech, the British actors always seem to do it with such wit and charm.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

Dan for sale...

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