The Heiress: Wall Street Journal interview

The Heiress: Wall Street Journal interview

Along with this great image by Fred Harper, the Wall Street Journal has a wonderful interview with Dan about The Heiress, Downton Abbey and the Man Booker Prize. Read the interview in full on the website. 

"It's head and heart," he said. "I like to feed both. I always wanted to be an actor. But the cultural-intellectual side of things has always excited me. I wouldn't want to let it go." These sideline gigs provided Mr. Stevens with the credentials to be chosen as one of five judges for the 2012 Man Booker Prize, the much-vaunted award given annually to the best novel written in English by a citizen of the British Commonwealth and Ireland...  

...It appealed to ego and intellect. Most years they have one person who raises the profile of the panel a bit. I guess I was the one this year. I'm the 'what the hell is he doing on the panel' guy," added Mr. Stevens, whose responsibilities included reading the 145 nominated works.

"My basement was looking like Barnes and Noble by the end of it." Fortunately, one of his "Downton Abbey" costumes, vintage white tie and tails, had a back pocket that was the perfect size for an e-reader. "I'd be engrossed and they'd yell 'action' and I'd tuck the Kindle in it," he recalled. "That didn't always go well with the cast. I was supposed to be engaged with a scene and I was engaged with a book instead."

Indeed, "The Heiress" has cancelled Tuesday's performance so its Renaissance man in residence can be in London for the final bit of Booker judging and the announcement of the winner.



Thanks for the heads up on the NY Times item. I appreciate these alerts so much! Perhaps the reason, as Dan states, we are so crazy about Downton here in the States, is a notable shortage of such class and elegance in our own TV series. We seem to do grim and guns rather well, as well as some pretty obnoxious comedy. Along with occasional gems. Now "Downton Abbey", has set the bar even higher. Cant' wait for Dan's next article in the Telegraph, his writing is just superb. Lucky New Yorkers who can pass him on the streets!
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whoops, its the Wall Street Journal, not the NY Times! oh well, my sentiments are the same...
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