The Heiress will close one day early on February 9.

The Heiress will close one day early on February 9.

News that the final performance of The Heiress has been cancelled has been posted on

The Broadway revival of The Heiress, starring Dan Stevens and Jessica Chastain, will close one day early on February 9. The final performance, which was originally scheduled for February 10, will be canceled so Chastain can attend the BAFTA Awards in London.


Saw The Show -- Really Good!

My husband and I saw the show the day of the Golden Globes, so Mairin Lee, the understudy, played the female lead in Jessica Chasain's place (it turned out to be Mairin's Broadway debut!). We both agreed that Mairan did a GREAT job -- didn't miss Jessica one bit as the main reason we went to the play anyway was to see Dan Stevens! He was SO good in the role played by Montgomery Cliff in the movie. We appreciated being able to have a quick chat with Dan after the show and to get his autograph. Got to speak to Mairin too and to get her autograph -- she was so touched by people waiting to see her. I see only good things in Dan's and Mairin's futures -- but I wish Dan's future included being on Downton Abbey! Bummer that he won't be on after this season!!


Normally the "derniere" of a production is been played by the cast of the "premiere". It's tradition, but, of course, disappointing for those who already have tickets to see the rest of the cast on February 10th.
By the way, the "Guardian" wrote: "While ticket sales were respectable in the opening weeks, over the holidays and into the new year the show has been grossing just 49% of its maximum possible take."

Good luck to Jessica!

Good luck to Jessica at the Awards, but a great shame that the final performance had to be cancelled.
Never mind, I am sure that they will bring forward their end-of-run celebration by one day and enjoy what seems to have been a great success.
I am only sorry that I didn't get to see it, (I live in the UK), but I have enjoyed reading the reports of others. Thank you all.

Good luck to Jessica

Great!!! What happens to all those who have booked to attend the final performance????? Or is this another way of saying that the ticket sales for the final performance were not that good. They used her Understudy for the Golden Globes, why not again? Or is this against established theatre protocol for the final performance?

Good luck, Jessica.

Good Luck to Jessica

Perhaps, closing a day early may enable some of the cast to attend BAFTA as a support for Jessica.

Hopefully those who booked in for the Final performance will get either a refund or the opportunity to attend another performance with hopefully the same level of seating. If I purchased a centre front row seat in the Orchestra section for the final performance I would be mightily annoyed if I found myself offered a back row seat at another performance.

Normally they pull a performance if the bookings are poor...... I cannot imagine this would be the case with The Heiress.

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