History of a Pleasure Seeker: upcoming audiobook

Dan has narrated the audiobook History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason, which will be released in May. Some details about recording from Dan's Twitter:

Phew! Emerged from 3 days in studio recording closest I'll get to audio erotica: History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason. VERY racy...


History Of A Pleasure Seeker Music

Hi Dan!
My name is Ben Stock and I recorded all the music for the HOPS audiobook!
Looking forward to hearing it!!!

In re new "History of...audio

Looking forward to your racy new endeavor! Currently listening to "Fall of Giants"- astounding job BTW!

History of Pleasure Seeker Audio date

Pat Giles here. Have just endevoured to track the release date of your audio of "The History of the Pleasure Seeker. Shall be interested to hear your descriptions of some of the story lines. What fun, but didn't envy you having to record it. Racy or what.!! But loved the book. A darn good read. Couldn't put it down! 31st. May 2011

Dan Stevens


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