Josephine Hart Poetry Hour

Dan will be reading Rudyard Kipling at the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour tonight at the British Library, from 18.30 - 19.45 hrs.

Rudyard Kipling's verse had a popularity in its day almost equal to that of his stories, and his poem 'If' was only recently voted the nation’s favourite. Kipling’s poetry repays regular revisits for its powerful reflections on life and society.

The readers will be Charles Dance and Dan Stevens.


Julian Fellowes Sadistic

I'm viewing the first 4 seasons of DA now. Yes, I'm very late to the Downton party...or funeral, it seems. I think Julian Fellowes has a sadistic streak! It was heart wrenching to see Sybil die during childbirth (especially after he showed us holding her daughter and looking healthy). Then, he delivered the death blow! Again, it was hard to watch such a beloved character taken from us. I thought that would be the most painful thing that would happen in Season 3. How I wish I were wrong.

Mr. Fellowes disregard for the millions of fans who fell in love with Downton Abbey continued when he came to the conclusion that the only way he could deal with Dan Stevens leaving the show was to kill him off, too. Seriously? Matthew and Mary were the reason I looked forward to Sunday nights and PBS. Now, I can't stand the show and would love to meet Mr. Fellowes in person so I could give him a piece of my mind!

What was he thinking?

Dan Stevens


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