The Making of Planet Earth and The North London Book of the Dead

BBC America has shared a clip from The Making of Planet Earth, a documentary narrated by Dan which will be  broadcast tomorrow.

Dan was mentioned in the Q&A following the screening of The North London Book of the Dead at the Aspen Shortsfest.

"[Dan Stevens played] the speaker, which may be familiar to viewers of Downton Abbey. Basically, he was friendly with our line producer, saw the script lying around his house, and begged to be a part of it because he did his thesis at university on Will Self. [He] was desperate to get out of breeches, wear some contemporary clothing, and say normal lines. So he was also a dream to work with as well" (transcript from here).


Planet Earth

Great job narrating The Making of Planet Earth! I really enjoyed watching it.

Dan Stevens


Which recent Dan Steven's character have you most enjoyed?:

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