More Summer in February interviews & Variety announce 'The Guest'

More Summer in February interviews & Variety announce 'The Guest'

More photos of Dan at last night's screening of Summer In February have appeared online. Glamour Magazine shared this one, while the Evening Standard has more, along with an interview with Dan.

The actor revealed last week that he has lost more than two stone since leaving Downton Abbey. He said last night: "I lost weight for a role recently and now think I'll probably pile it all back on again. It was for A Walk Among The Tombstones with Liam Neeson. Nice to set myself some physical challenges this year, last year was all about literature."

Stevens, whose Downton character Matthew Crawley was killed off at Christmas, worked as a producer on Summer In February which is adapted from a book written by his former teacher Jonathan Smith. He admitted that he and the cast of the film embraced the spirit of their Bohemian characters with long drinking sessions in the local pub.

Stevens plays Gilbert Evans, a soldier in Cornwall, where he meets the Lamorna Group, a wild, bohemian group of artists, and finds himself caught in a love triangle between painter Florence Carter-Wood (Emily Browning) and eccentric artist AJ Munnings.

Dan was interviewed on the BBC Radio 5 Simon Mayo show this evening, and it should be available to listen again on BBC iPlayer. Pirate FM posted their interview with Dan here. 

Variety announced a new project for Dan - The Guest.

While fans may have been sad to see Dan Stevens leave “Downton Abbey” this past season, the young British thesp continues to build up his busy slate as he will now star in the indie “The Guest.” Adam Wingard will direct with Simon Barrett writing the script. Describe as a very dark turn for Stevens, the story follows a family who befriends a man who has just returned from a tour of duty unaware he is not the man he is letting on to be. The pic will be produced by Keith Calder and Jessica Wu. Production is set to start later this summer.


ITV Daybreak tv interview with Dan this morning

Good to see Dan again on TV, this time giving an interview on ITV Daybreak programme. Hopefully available to those who missed it, via ITV Player.

BBC One Show tonight

I believe that Dan is appearing on the BBC One Show this evening 7.00pm.

BBC The One Show

This was brilliant. Dan was the most relaxed yet in a TV interview. It was wonderful to see the interaction between Dan and Jonathan Smith.

I think ... Dan Stevens needs to come back home to the UK. It is where he's truly at home.

BBC The One Show

I so agree with the above . The best of television interviews Dan chatting with Matt , Alex and Jonathan Smith . He certainly did seem more relaxed than on previous shows he has appeared since Friday evening.. Such a lovely person , natural and unaffected by his popularity .
Do come home to the UK soon Dan.

Also quite relaxed on today's Daybreak show & more!

It was certainly very good to see both Dan & Jonathan on the One Show, and yes I agree with the 'relaxed' observation. Similarly, this morning's Daybreak appearance seemed to be quite relaxed as well!
It is always a joy to see Dan on tv, and there have also been some good radio interviews recently - Richard Bacon Radio 5 & Simon Mayo on Drivetime, being two examples.
Of course Downton Abbey regularly features in the topics discussed, and Dan always handles these with grace and genuine affection. His pride in the making of Summer In February is self-evident and rightly so. It is a truly beautiful film. I can quite understand his love of the book.
I am so happy that there are many new works coming from Dan in the not too distant future - film, audio and in the 'written word'.

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this! Can't wait to see Dan again - his time in the UK is certainly very busy :)

Absolutely brilliant! Summer in February Curzon Mayfair

I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer In February film event last night at the Curzon Mayfair.
The cinema is excellent and the film itself is wonderful. Every bit as good as I had hoped it would be, in fact it exceeded expectations. There have been a number of negative reviews which I fail to understand, although obviously all subjects do not appeal to all people.
All the cast were very good, the photography was fantastic and the music superb.
Furthermore, it was a delight to meet some of those involved, including Jonathan Smith the author, Jeremy Cowdrey one of the producers, David Evans, son of Gilbert Evans, and last, but certainly not least, Dan who portrays Gilbert most sensitively. A truly remarkable and memorable evening!

New Project " The Guest"

It says so much about the kind of person that Dan Stevens is in being prepared to star in another low budget independent movie instead of hanging out for a role in one of the blockbusters churned out by the big movie makers of Hollywood.

Another thoughtful decision that can only be for the best as far as his movie career is concerned.

Dan has a busy summer ahead of him- Swallows and Amazons plus The Guest.

didn't it occur to you that

didn't it occur to you that maybe he is not getting offered parts on huge blockbusters? I am glad he is keeping busy, but it seems to be a leap to make assumptions on what kind of person he is, assuming he is choosing to do independent films instead of blockbusters when there have been no word at all that he has been offered a role on blockbuster movies...

success depends on how you view it....

Dan Stevens has planned his future movie career very intelligently indeed by the acceptance of minor roles in movies directed and produced by the big names in the industry such as Steven Spielberg & DreamWorks as well as Liam Neeson and his own foray into being an Executive Producer with "Summer in February" and now an indie produced by two Directors who are considered to be at the top of their game in producing horror movies. Apart from the role of Gilbert Evans, what a complete contrast these new roles have been to those roles he has played before especially Matthew Crawley and Edward Ferrars.

his role in the fifth estate

his role in the fifth estate is a very small role, as he has admitted himself. it is produced by steven spielberg's film arm but not directly produced by spielberg. benedict cumberbatch is the star of that movie, not dan in any stretch of the imagination.
who are you to say dan stevens is refusing roles in major hollywood blockbusters? have there been any offers at all? i think dan would enjoy being part of a big movie, as it will also help him secure his children's future and education.
yes success means different to other people but dan has expressed interest in wanting to be part of franchises like iron man and james bond, he does not shy away from blockbusters. it's just that the offers have not yet come to him.

Did they say that?????

Maybe my powers of Reading and Comprehension are zilch but no-one has said in this discussion that Dan Stevens has refused offers of starring in movie blockbusters... not at all.

The comment was 'not hanging out for roles in major Hollywood block busters' which is completely different altogether from what some are being trigger-happy about... it implies that Dan Stevens is prepared to consider the roles put forward by his agency WME and go from there which he has done so far.

Both movie roles mentioned [apart from Summer in February] appear to be minor ones.

Has Dan expressed interest in being involved in franchises such as Iron Man and James Bond? Or is that really the wishes of his many fans who see him as Daniel Craig's replacement?


Has anyone stated that Dan "is refusing roles in major Hollywood blockbusters"?
I haven't seen any such comments, only observations by others here and elsewhere about his interest in smaller production/independent films.
Of course we don't know whether he has been approached with any 'blockbuster' offers or not, but perhaps the original comment was taken as an unfair criticism of Dan. There are plenty of people who seem to want nothing more than to mock or take issue with him, particularly with regard to his decision to leave Downton Abbey at the end of his original 3 year contract.
Certainly some of the so-called blockbusters hold little interest for me, and the few I have seen were pretty disappointing - but each to their own!

Hardly an unfair criticism...

Quote.....It says so much about the kind of person that Dan Stevens is in being prepared to star in another low budget independent movie instead of hanging out for a role in one of the blockbusters churned out by the big movie makers of Hollywood.

Another thoughtful decision that can only be for the best as far as his movie career is concerned.....
End of Quote

There is neither harsh criticism nor unfair judgement in the above comment.

I am not sure but...

I am not sure, but it looks as though some of these replies and comments have got a bit out of sync.! I am finding it rather confusing as to who said what and who is replying to who!

Hopefully, in the final analysis, we all wish Dan well with whatever new projects he has lined up.

Success means different things to different people

Not everyone judges levels of success using the same criteria.
Some place more importance on personal satisfaction and an ability to find and steer their own path in life.
Considering Dan's past comments, I feel that he is one who does just that. Everyone likes their work to be appreciated but to "play a major role in a blockbuster" is not the only way that can be achieved.

no one is saying that success

no one is saying that success means to dan stevens a major hollywood blockbuster. i am just making a comment on the original comment that it shows what kind of a person dan stevens is that he would do independent movies instead of hollywood blockbusters. making it sound as if it is his choice when in all honestly, hollywood blockbusters are hard to come by. has he been offered any roles in hollywood blockbusters? haven't heard anything! how do you know he wouldn't enjoy taking part in a hollywood blockbuster? he has expressed interest before in wanting to join possible iron man 4 and being the next james bond, i think dan does have his eye on some blockbusters, the question is if the blockbusters would offer him a role. it is different to talk about it as if it is his choice to do these projects, as opposed to these being the ONLY type of projects he's being offered.

Re "New Project..."

Good to see that he has such a busy time ahead! Well done Dan!

Dan Stevens


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