My Dear I Wanted to Tell You: review from the Independent

A nice excerpt about Dan from the Independent's review of My Dear I Wanted to Tell You:

Louisa Young weaves the experiences of her characters using an urgent, theatrical, staccato style that is probably best appreciated as an audio book, especially when read by the phenomenal Dan Stevens, who invests the characters with an immediately recognisable individuality whether they are thinking, writing, speaking – or, indeed, desperately trying to speak.


"phenomenal Dan

"phenomenal Dan Stevens"...too true!

My Dear I wanted to tell you, Book and Audio

Have read the book and played the audio of this truly great book, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Feel the audio gives the light and shade of the many characters brilliantly brought to life by Dan. Worthy of an award for best audio, and the author deserves the highest praise for her research into what must have been a harrowing journey into the work of Skin Grafting and special techniques required in dreadful circumstances, A truly great piece of work.

Pat Giles 21st. May 2011

Dan Stevens


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