My Week: Sunday Telegraph 10th June

Thanks to Lorna for scanning yesterday's Sunday Telegraph Seven magazine, which has the latest column from Dan. In it he mentions the joy of hammocks, men's fashion, the Man Booker longlist to be announced next month, and the urgent need to support small, independent bookshops.  

The scan is in the galleries but the article should be available on the Telegraph website, in the next few days as usual.  [update: it's here on the Telegraph website]


Dan's Sunday Telegraph column

M-m-m-! lovely thought of Dan in his hammock! - made my day!

Thank You Dan!

For a another "jubilicious" article. From Hammock to bookstores to looking always elegantly masculine and well tailored. May I say, as an observant lady, in your case, Mr. Stevens, it is the man who makes the clothes. Hammock-less I may be, book-less I will never be, thanks to my favorite independent book store, and the promise of beautifully written English, like yours. I look forward to each of your articles, and to the Booker list. I shall be reading,, though not hanging.
From the USA

Hot desking column in Telegraph

Re. above comments and observations - I could not have described the article submitted better. So glad you enjoy Dan's monthly column. Surprising , illuminating and thought provoking. Well said.

Dan Stevens


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