My Week: Sunday Telegraph 7 October

My Week: Sunday Telegraph 7 October

Dan's monthly column for The Telegraph, published on 7th October is now available to read on the Telegraph website.  

We open The Heiress to the Broadway public in previews this weekend, yet I’m pretty sure I’ve only just stepped off the plane. To cope with the pace you need coffee, but when you discover the good stuff you start to see it for the dark drug it is. The real deal espresso bars attract the junkie, craving their drop of crude, with a look in their eye that suggests they’re hanging in there – just. Then there’s the alternative fuel source of the juice bar. Its “Rejuvenator” and “Reanimator” blends lead New Yorkers to ingest the oddest mix of bacteria, fruit and veg ( spirulina, kale spinach and wheatgrass), pulped to a blood- red elixir to quicken the pulse and keep the cogs turning.

The gorgeous photo for November's Vanity Fair is now available on the Vanity Fair website and Facebook Page. 


Now that's....

The Dan we all love! Classy, intelligent, and very, very handsome! (And quintessentially British)

Dan Photo

This is Dan Stevens at his best. If you compare this picture to some that have recently turned up in the Entertainment articles, etc., he doesn't look like the same person. Extremely handsome here. Why didn't he leave well enough alone? I don't get why actors think they look better when bone thin or with an "edgy" look. This one doesn't.

Dan Photo

Totally agree that Dan looked his best in this photo. His classic style was already perfect, unique and timeless. I understand that he has to change his appearance for his various roles but I hope he comes full circle and returns to this look one day. He does look like a young Carey Grant, James Stewart, Sean Connery, etc.

Dan Steven's Photo

He really does have the look of the Hollywood movie stars (or stars in Britain) from the 40's or 50's. Clark Gable, Cary Grant...Incredibly handsome, but not in a Johnny Depp way...which is wonderful!

Dan & America

Well said those fans who don't want Dan to stay in America permanently. I do so agree. We know he loves living in New York, but his fame is now such that he can pick and choose and cross the 'pond' with ease and keep homes in England & New York. But intelligent man that he is I suspect that quite rightly he will do what he and his wife think is best for them and their family.

Well Said

I totally agree with the comments made by Writing vs Acting. We can only hope that Dan won't be seduced by Holywood - but I hang on to the belief that he is too intelligent to let it taint him.


Guess its hard to avoid, but I was disappointed that Dan chimed in on all this political nonsense (that goes on on both sides of the ocean). It doesn't surprise me tthat Dan is on the Obama celebrity list. And... "Mormon Mitt" is a good and decent man, all politics and religion aside. Strange isn't it, everyone hates the "rich guy"....but everyone wants to be one.

Writing Vs Acting

It is very clear that Mr. Stevens has a secure future in writing if he ever becomes bored with acting. He is well educated, highly literate, a loving husband and father and serious and sincere in what he does. If only the American entertainment industry could pluck a feather from his cap and raise the bar for their own projects. There is a solid well founded reason, why Mr. Stevens career is gaining ground so quickly in the U.S. American audiences are starved for culture, gentility, manners, self respect, dignity, quality and talent. Mr. Stevens has the power of a Spencer Tracy, or Gregory Peck. Something we have not seen here for generations. My only fear, as Mr. Stevens flirts with the idea of residing in America, is that we will taint him and turn him into Hollywood trash, only to have his well protected private life become the fodder of gab magazines. As much as I love seeing Dan's noble profile walking in the theater district, I would rather he went home than lower his standards. Can he raise ours? I hope so.

Writing Vs Acting

I love the fact that Mr Stevens career is progressing and that he is gaining ground so quickly in America but at what cost to his fans in Britain and not least the British industry .

I for one , would hate to see him tainted and trashed by Hollywood , but he seems a very well grounded young man with a young family and I am sure that he not be swayed too do anything which is not right for him , his wife or his children . He has many talents and could secure his future in many directions ...

I hope that England's green and pleasant land and his love of cricket will draw Dan back home soon .

Dan Stevens


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