My Week: Sunday Telegraph 8th July

Dan's monthly column for The Telegraph is available to read online - he mentions poetry and earning his first cricket cap. 

It was a proud moment this week earning my first cap for the Authors Cricket Club. And I actually earned a cap; I mean a real, baggy cap embroidered with the motto of the Authors; a Latin translation of something Kim Hughes said of England captain Mike Brearley in 1981: “Nihil Praeter Ingenium” - “He had nothing going for him except that he was intelligent”. If there’s one way to make an actor cricketer happy it’s to give him a cap, for “the apparel oft proclaims the man”.You might not be able to play cricket but in a fine West-Indies-burgundy cloth cap you’ll certainly look like you can.

Playing the delightful Shepperton Ladies XI at their beautiful home ground, I can now say that I have been bowled over by two women in my life, curiously both South African; my wife and the former captain of the South African women’s cricket team. Hats off to them.

Dan Stevens


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