My Week: The Telegraph 18th March 2012

Thanks again to Lorna for scanning Dan's article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph Seven magazine. It  has been added to the galleries. Dan mentions filming Summer In February at the Royal Academy and Mother's Day. Look out for it being posted on the Telegraph website.

Congratulations to all - Downton Abbey won the TRIC Award for HD Drama Programme of the Year last week. There is an interview with some of the cast members who attended the awards on the Daily Mirror website, where they chat about filming series 3. 

ETA - link for Telegraph article online


dans performance


Telegraph Column for March

I'd love to read the column, but your link doesn't work. It brings up either January's column or comments on the March column. Is it here somewhere that I'm missing?

Missing column

Never mind, found it. Delightful!

Dan's My week column in the Telegraph

I just laughed out loud at Dan's description of his trip to buy a "surprise" Mothers day card for his Wife from Willow. It took me back to my Son when he was that age, no secret's, no pretence, just genuine
honesty - how sad we lose that as we get older eh?! Thank You Dan for a genuine moment of
complete joy - I haven't laughed or had such lovely memories for such a long time!

Dan Stevens


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