My Week: The Telegraph 22nd Jan 2012

My Week: The Telegraph 22nd Jan 2012

The latest Sunday Telegraph article from Dan is available to read in full on the Telegraph website. He mentions Summer In February, the recent Corinthia Artist In Residence programme and horse riding!

The year 2012 began with me getting back in the saddle, brushing up my famous horsemanship. Ho ho. You see, the one place I know where it seems totally acceptable to lie is on an actor’s CV. The job of “pretending” just seems to leak on to the page. I know an actor with “badger taming” on his résumé. Yes, I can ride a horse, play the violin and speak German. More or less. Looks good and probably won’t ever be called upon. Probably. Until it is. Giddy up.

This lovely new photo has been uploaded to Dan's IMDb page. 


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Loved that article - so funny! and so well written, it is a joy to read Dan's articles - his use of English and his
grammar are perfect! - just like him!

Dan Stevens


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