Night at the Museum 3: Good Morning Texas appearance 29th December

Night at the Museum 3: Good Morning Texas appearance 29th December

According to their website, Dan will be appearing on Good Morning Texas on 29th December. 

Dan Stevens from "Downton Abbey" gives us the inside scoop on the actors on the show, and talks about all of the new films he's starring in.

A new interview has been shared online via Maximum Pop, with Dan chatting about Night at the Museum and his armour among other things. Read it in full on their site.

What was it like walking around with all that heavy armour?

It’s not as heavy as an original suit of armour would have been, but then I wouldn’t have been able to do any of the stunts or any of the action in one of those suits. But it’s still pretty heavy; the chainmail was half metal and half high tensile rubber that moves. The armour had some flexibility in it, so I could fight the Triceratops and seven headed snake dragon and things like that. Plus the sword is really quite heavy. The whole suit of armour weighed more than 50 pounds, and after 12 hours of shooting and doing various action sequences I really felt the weight of it.

The photo above was shared on Twitter by ASOS Menswear.



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