Night at the Museum 3: THR interview

Night at the Museum 3: THR interview

In a short interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Dan reveals he is currently shooting Night at the Museum 3, as well as preparing for next week's Sundance Festival, where The Guest will be screened.

When Downton Abbey season four kicks off Jan. 5, actor Dan Stevens -- formerly Matthew, husband of Lady Mary -- will be watching along with the rest of the U.S. in complete mystery as to Lady Mary's life after his character's tragic death.

"I have absolutely no idea what becomes of Mary," Stevens tells THR, "because I want to watch it with the American audience -- it will be fun. After all, I live in Brooklyn now."

He also has been shooting Night at the Museum 3, writing fiction for the blog, prepping to attend his first Sundance for the film The Guest

Summer in February also gets a mention, but the film is relased in the US this month, not next. 


Lovely comments by Laura Carmichael on Dan's departure

Someone kindly sent me a link this morning to an interview with Laura Carmichael in which she was asked about Dan leaving - such wonderful comments to see:

“We did discuss it. We’d initially planned to do three series, so we had to make a decision, as a whole, about whether we wanted to do more. Jessica had already been tied to another project, so that was her decision made, but with Dan wanted to do other things. He’s one of the busiest and most multi-talented people I know. He managed to do “Downton Abbey” whilst producing and starring in his own film, and judging the Man Booker Prize in the U.K. — which involves reading 125 books in three months — and having his second child. I think this is something you need to know about Dan Stevens, he is so smart, he needs stimuli. So that was his decision, and we understood that. He has a young family and he wants to travel. I know it felt like such a [complication] to the world; I know it did to us, because we do miss Dan, but it’s a job and it’s a decision you make. Julian [Fellowes] was devastated, but I think it’s really helped to inform the series.”

(Didn't know where else to put this, sorry!)
:) I'm so looking forward to everything Dan has forthcoming in the new year!

It is so nice to see these sort of comments...

from Dan's fellow Downton Abbey cast members. A sensitive and warm response by Laura but one that acknowledges, appreciates and understands the reasons for Jessica's & Dan's decision.
Well done Laura!
I am so tired and becoming increasingly impatient with bloggers, tweeters and media articles that continue to carp about and criticise these two very fine actors.

DA castmates comments re Dan

Agreed. Michelle Dockery has also said lovely things about him as well. Including this interesting quote about their contracts:

"We all had that choice, and any one of us could have left. There was a point where I thought, 'Yeah, I’m done after three,' because that’s what I was expecting to happen: I would do three series and that would be it. And then of course the success of the show was huge and I had my doubts. I discovered there isn’t any rush. I wasn’t ready to finish whereas Dan was very ready to leave."

A Sense of Family Ties

From various interviews with actors of Downton Abbey - especially this latest one from Laura C. - it really shows how wonderful these folks are in real life. They are talented and dedicated professionals, and they appreciate and understand the tough decisions they each had to make - for their own careers and families.

As Emma Thompson once said (in an interview after winning Best Actress for "Remains of the Day", "We are British actors - we are always unemployed!"

Many of these Downton actors are close friends off-screen - a real sense of family ties beyond the scripts. . .

Hope it goes well at the Sundance

Best wishes for the premiere of The Guest at the Sundance Festival. I hope that it won't be too long before we can it in the UK.

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