Night at the Museum 3: Twitter Chat 31st July

Night at the Museum 3: Twitter Chat 31st July

The recent USA Today interview also included this new photo of Dan in Night at the Museum 3. According to the official Twitter account for the film, the first trailer will be released on July 31st.

Accompanying this, Dan will be doing a Twitter Chat. Timings have not been revealed yet.




I also tried locating the

I also tried locating the site but never seemed like I was finding it. I had some good questions for Dan, too. Disappointed. :( Need an easier way of finding the site. I wish he would do another Q & A. I love him and he's soooo talented.

Chat can be seen

The Twitter chat can be seen on twitter @20thcenturyfox
It was live for only about 25 minutes.

Live chat on Twitter- no luck joining

I have been trying to locate the live chat in the states. It is after 12:00, on the 31st. Using the suggested hashtags-no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you!

Re Live Chat

Live chat starts in 53 mins time, 8.00 pm GMT 12.00pm PT . Try searching twitter with AskLancelot in the search box, top right corner of screen. It should currently show all the questions so far, I guess the replies will show there. Hope that works for you.

Time of twitter chat

Apparently 12pm PT, which I presume is Pacific Time. Hope that I am right!

time of twitter chat

re. above comment re. time. What time will it be in UK? I believe its 5 hours difference (behind) or in front of.? I should know, for goodness sake, but have forgotten.

I heard 8pm GMT so if that's

I heard 8pm GMT so if that's right it won't be starting for another couple of hours!

By the way here's the link for the trailer in case anyone hasn't seen it yet -


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