Radio Times interview & CFDA Awards photographs

Radio Times interview & CFDA Awards photographs

The current issue of the Radio Times has an interview with Dan, where he discusses his departure from Downton Abbey. 

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens has apologised for his character's death during the Christmas special, saying: "I am sorry about that!" Speaking to Radio Times, the 30-year-old star went on to say: "I think what emerged is that it's an unwritten rule that you're not supposed to die on British television on Christmas Day, and that, specifically, was not my doing."

Some lovely photos of Dan attending the CFDA Awards in New York have appeared online. Check out Zimbio for lots of great photos. 


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Radio Times Interview

Love the photo...typical Dan Stevens.

With regard to the Interview I don't place much store in it. Dan Stevens made a decision and stood by it. He fulfilled his contract with regard to his role in Downton Abbey. Why is everyone continuing to flog a dead horse over it? Dan Stevens has moved on but it seems that forever he will be plagued with having to explain and apologise for the exit of his character which was chosen by the writers of the series.

Agreed! ...and lots to look forward to.

Agreed! There is no need for Dan to apologise, he made a decision, gave due and considerate notice, and stood by it. I don't agree with the production team declarations that there 'was no other way', a bit of imagination, not necessarily as far-fetched as some of the past Downton Abbey storylines have been, was all that was called for! Still, what's done is done, or should be, but I suspect that the comment above is not far off the truth, that poor Dan will be plagued by this for a long time to come.

Moving on - it will good to see Dan on UK TV soon in both the Graham Norton and Andrew Marr shows. His film Summer In February is about to go on general release, and although I have seen mixed and varied reviews, I do wonder how many 'reviewers' have actually seen the film as many have been incorrect in their factual content.

There is more to look forward to as well, five new audiobooks and the making of "Swallows & Amazons" later this year. With luck, there might be even more from the pen of Dan as well!

He looked great here at the

He looked great here at the CFDAs in every way. So happy and chirpy. I do like his natural hair colour :)
Regarding the article, of course it wasn't his fault it happened at Christmas. JF writes the script and plans the structure of the soap and knowing over a year in advance Dan was leaving gave him plenty of thinking time for it, but he still chose Christmas.
Also, we have Christmas deaths on tv every year (it's tradition), so I think people would have been distraught whenever it was shown as it's Matthew. It didn't bother me in particular that it was Christmas Day. It was just the very slopping S3 writing that bothered me. But I started switching off of Downton anyway during.
Can't wait to watch his new projects :)


So nice to see Dan sans the facial hair, his naturally dark hair suits him beautifully, as did the blonde Matthew look. Any way at all, a very handsome gentleman!

Dan Stevens


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