Shallow: short film online

Thanks to the person who spotted this, the short film Shallow has been uploaded to Vimeo. 


Great acting

Dan shows here his true acting skills. He lives through the deepest fears, doubts, regrets and denial in his character, with hardly any words, just through facial and bodily expression - quite remarkable.

Letters to a Young Poet Read by Dan

I just purchased "Letters to a Young Poet " ,read by Dan. I found it on I tunes audiobooks . I had not heard of this ,there were no promotions of this I just accidentally found this.
So I do hope all is well with Dan as it has been very quiet lately . I tried to send this message on your guest book but it refused to send it saying I got the question wrong ,which was What is Dan's last name? Tried several times with no luck

As yet not available in UK

But it is possible to listen to a brief sample on & downpour.

Hope that it will be released to UK soon.

Thank you but

Thank you for the information but it looks like it is not possible to download in the UK! Oh bother!

Dan is the best

Dan is the best actor. He is always so charming and elegant. Love him.

Well worth watching.

Another side to Dan's acting roles. Dark, but gripping.

acting award

I think Dan won best actor award for this short film at an international film festival.

Dan Stevens


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