Shallow: short film update

Shallow: short film update

There is a video clip of Shallow, the short film with Dan as Richard Dove, on the cinematographer Mattias Nyberg's website. The British Film Council have a synopsis and this photo on their website, as does the IMDb page.

When newly elected MP Richard Dove runs over a young girl on a deserted forest road, he must decide to what lengths he will go to save his blossoming career…


Links to the short film "Shallow"

Many of you may already know the complete short film "Shallow". But the other day I stumbled across the link to it on the internet. I am going to add it here for those, that are not yet acquainted with this stunning piece of acting of Dan's. He is truly remarkable here.

It says it's a private video

It says it's a private video and needs a password. If you have it, please tell me the password. I've been searching the film for 3 days and I can't find it anywhere and I want to watch it really bad.


Try looking on You tube, Dan Stevens Shallow should bring it up. Babysitting, another short, is also available. Hope this helps. Both worth watching.

Thank you

...yes, he most certainly is.

Dan Stevens


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