Strike Back


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Two soldiers: Sir Peregrine Collinson, Britain's most decorated military hero, a best-selling author, and the prime minister's personal envoy. And John Porter - 17 years ago, he was one of the SAS's most promising young soldiers. Now he's a broken man, a drunken tramp living rough on the streets of London.

In Beirut, a brilliant young Sky TV reporter, Katie Dartmouth, has been captured by a ruthless gang of Hezbollah terrorists. She is to be executed live on television unless British troops are withdrawn from Iraq. A nation holds its breath, and the government is tottering on the edge of collapse. Both men believe they can save her. But only one of them can reach her.

Their paths last crossed 17 years earlier. Now they are about to face each other again. And the strike back is about to begin.

Published date

27th September 2007

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