Summer In February: BBFC rating 15 for strong language

The BBFC recently classified Summer In February for cinema release. It was rated 15 for strong language and has a running time of 100 minutes. 




How strange, I can't recall any use of strong language in the book, but maybe the film does have some.
Perhaps some of BBFC's other criteria apply though.
I am still looking forward to seeing the film, June 14th can't come soon enough!


Having read the book several times, there was no strong language in it.

However, I can imagine that for artistic purposes to show the contrast between AJ Munnings and Gilbert Evans, the Director and Producers would have plumped for strong language coming from AJ, especially in a couple of situations including his final words to Florence which must have been pretty crass given that both Laura and Harold Knight wiped him after that particular outburst.

Maybe the attempted rape scene was pretty graphic....

Re: Oh!

I thought the same thing!
The only instance I can think of, really, is what AJ shouts at Florence as she's leaving the party after everything... I don't want to say more here for spoiling those who don't know the story. But he calls her something pretty awful, doesn't he - I wonder if that would put the rating up (and it's a pretty important plot point, so they probably wouldn't have cut it).
I'm not going to lie, I was hoping the rating would be 15 for the 'love scenes'.... A girl can still hope!! :P

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