Summer In February : charity screening 11th June 2013

Summer In February : charity screening 11th June 2013

This June, Sacramento Events are organising the premiere of Summer In February on 10th June (which is sold out) and a charity screening on 11th june.

Tickets for the event cost £75 - check out the website for more details. IMDb have uploaded an international trailer for Summer in February. 


A rare treat! A short video of a younger Dan reading Tolstoy !

This is a real gem! A very young Dan Stevens reading from a chapter from Tolstoy's final novel "Resurrection" 1899. (A 8 minutes video - from Carte Noire.).

Dan is so talented! I love the beginning, when he asks "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin. . ."

I think if he reads just names and phone numbers from the yellow pages, it will be just as wonderful.


Dan has The Perfect Voice and diction, and much as I liked his blonde locks, his natural chestnut hair suits him best! Handsome!! And I too, would sign up to hear (and watch) him read the directions on a soup can.


Me, too

What a treasure!

Thank you so much for alerting us to this. Dan Stevens...even just reading, is totally compelling, what a lovely, lovely man.

Good news

Such good news!

According to a tweet by Rory Bremner, Dan will be hosting this event, which is even better news!

Lucky Brits!!

What a great event to look forward to, love the book, and know it will be a tremendous success for Dan and all concerned. I feel sure it will make it across the pond in all its romantic glory.
From the USA

Dan Stevens


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