Summer In February first film still & Telegraph column

Summer In February first film still & Telegraph column

Dan's monthly column for The Telegraph is now available to read online. Read the article in full on the Telegraph website.

Whatever your views on art, the best way to define them is through other people. ArtStack is a new site that seeks to facilitate exploration of art by allowing you to collect, or “stack”, and share your tastes with others online. It’s an interesting (and highly addictive) way to discover art and artists to which you might not otherwise have been exposed. It’s possible for curators to build specific collections, to archive exhibitions or to post work from up-and-coming new artists, just as you can collate your favourite pieces and post new discoveries.

Another new photo has been shared on twitter of Dan at the Corinthia Hotel in London the other evening, while the first official still from Summer In February has been shared on Hey U Guys. More details about sales can be found on this website.

We’ve got the first image from Summer in February, for you today and Christopher Menaul’s film on a group of artists in the approach of the First World War is due to reveal itself by way of footage screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival which begins next week. Browning stars with Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper and Speranza13 Media have just announced they have picked international sales rights for the film.



It is a bit daunting....naming a an identity. As a teacher in the southern U.S. I have seen some absolutely horrendous names....names like Lemunjhello (emphasis on second syllable).... The mother loved her child like her favorite sweet. At least she loved her child. Others seem to use the naming to show their distaste for their offspring....I won't even go into that. The question is....what is the scale we use for the it originality? Or heritage? Or the meaning behind the name? With each of my children it has been a different scale. In retrospect the scale seems to reflect the season in life and marriage at the time of the naming. The name and scale we chose reflects what we thought was important in that season. Whatever name is chosen, if you love that child, not for what they have done or what they will become, but truly love that child, you will love the name you have given to them. May Dan have wisdom to name rightly, but more so to love rightly!

Naming names

Couldn't agree more. Even Geldof has seen the light. If you care enough you won't burden your beloved child with a name that whiffs of self indulgence.
Interesting article in the press this week about hard-to-place adoptive babies - merely because of names inspired by 'celebrities'. Or wines...! Birth names must be retained now apparently.
Dan is above all that. Am sure Stevens # 2 will have a delightful name!

Dan Stevens


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