Summer In February: new image from Film3Sixty

Summer In February: new image from Film3Sixty

Film3Sixty has shared a new photo of Dan as Gilbert on their website front page, following their recent interviews with the cast!


More good news

Update from Amazon uk confirms new edition of the book Summer In February will be available next week. I believe that the cover is adapted from the film poster, so that will make 3 copies on my shelf, of this truly remarkable book. Original hardback, paperback and this one!
If you haven't read it yet, I urge you to do so.

More Good News....

Yes...everyone should read the book BEFORE they see the movie.

Fabulous new photo

Fabulous new photo, thanks for the link.

So looking forward to seeing this film.

Is this correct?

I think the Moviescope Magazine artcle was May 2012, not this year.

 Knew Cannes was this week,

 Knew Cannes was this week, and saw May. Have edited it down to the lovely new photo! Thanks x

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