Summer In February: first photos from premiere

Summer In February: first photos from premiere

Fame Fad has the first photos of the Summer In February premiere / gala screening in London this evening. Some more lovely ones are now on Zimbio!



Not long now, hopefully

Dan looks spectacular! Even those shoes with the blue shoes finally make sense when seen properly on stage, very fashion-forward choice and he pulls it off with aplomb.

It's no secret that Dan's management has been working on gradually upgrading his 'brand/look" into that of a serious Hollywood leading man, but when the wives start getting the make-overs as well, it's a sure (and good sign) that all hands truly are on deck and that the work is now a 360 degree process.

So glad to see this is the case with Dan and Susie. She looks better than I've seen her look ever and I'm glad to see she's taking this seriously, because for better or worse, selling the package is important for actors' careers and Dan is no exception.

Dan looks amazing, Susie looks amazing and I'm so excited and so glad that there's finally some big activity surrounding Summer in Feb so that Dan's publicity can get going again.

Keep up the good work Dan, and just remember that easy and steady does it and ultimately, to thine own self, be true.

Dan and Susie, beautiful!

This is one couple that always look so happy together, no "makeover" needed. I think Susie compliments him perfectly. Would love to see a picture of them with their children, but I admire even more their keeping them out of the spotlight. Good fortune in all things to them!
USA fan


The clothes make the man? Nope, in this case the man makes the clothes. Doesn't hurt to be that handsome of course. But good taste isn't a matter of looks, or money or status. Even when I see pictures of Dan casually dressed, its there. He could make a gunny sack look good. Blonde or brunet, slim or heavier, he just has that air of elegance and class. Can't wait to see his future incarnations in future films. Good Luck Dan! and hold on to all your standards.

Best of luck with this wonderful movie

I think Dan is going to be the biggest star to come along in a long long time.


He already is,in my book, and he has only just begun. I hope and trust he will always remain true to his British "roots", in his courtesy, flawless speech, and manner. I admire a few of our American actors, surely, but Dan is in a class, and I do mean class, all by himself
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Thank you!

These are great pictures. Always enjoy seeing Dan with his lovely wife. Wishing Dan and Summer In February only the best....they deserve it. Nothing like a good family to keep you grounded.

Such a beautiful couple!

Here's a quote from an interview in which Dan was asked about the intensity of his American fans.

Dan's great sense of humor is well-evident.

He said: ''I don't know if my phone was ever hacked. If it was, they'd have just found voicemails from my wife asking me to buy milk.''

Love that comment...

No wonder we love him over here! What a refreshing blend of wit, intelligence, and "real-ness".
from the US


The photos of Dan and Susie at the premiere are just lovely, Thank you so much for making them available to us, What a beautiful couple! There should be no more complaints about Dan's return to his naturally dark hair and slimmer figure.
from the USA

So handsome!

Dan looks great.

He joked on the Graham Norton show that the only way he could ever return to Downton would be in "Zombie Style - like Fast & Furious . . . driving with Branson . . ."

Well, I think if Downton "jumps" forward 18 years in Season 5 (circa 1938 - Battle of Britain) - Dan can return to play the role of Matthew's son George Crawley! His natural brown hair is like Lady Mary's, and of course, those incredibly marvelous blue eyes!

Brilliant idea!

It won't happen I suppose, but it is the only thing that could revive my passion for "Downton", since those beautiful blue eyes were left lifeless. I did see WW2 looming in his son's future. And how could Mary, fickle as she sometimes is, settle for anyone else after Matthew?? But I suspect a large part of the next episodes will be dedicated to just that.

Best Dressed Man of the Year on the Red Carpet!

What a classy guy - with such a lovely wife!

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