Summer In February has US theatrical release

Summer In February has US theatrical release

News that Summer in February will have a theatrical release in the US, from 17th January 2014, has been reported by Variety.

Tribeca Film has acquired U.S. rights to romancer “Summer in February,” starring Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”) and Emily Browning. Producers are Jeremy Cowdrey, Janette Day, Pippa Cross and Stevens. “Summer in February” is presented by CrossDay and Apart Films in association with Marwood Pictures and Speranza13 Media...

...The film will be released beginning Jan. 7 on video-on-demand and digital platforms followed by a theatrical release beginning on Jan. 17. The film was released in the U.K. by Metrodome Distribution earlier this year.



So glad we will be able to enjoy this film, which I understand is a truly lovely one. Can't wait!
from the USA

So pleased....

I am so pleased that you are all going to be able to see and enjoy "Summer In February" soon in the USA. It is a truly lovely film indeed - deeply moving, beautifully done, and very memorable.
I recently saw that Benjamin Wallfisch has won an award in the USA for the score. A very deserved win as the music itself is a real masterpiece.

US Release for Summer in February.


Delighted to hear this

This long awaited news is a delight to hear - "Summer In February" is a remarkable and beautiful film that will find a place in the hearts of our friends across the pond.

Dan Stevens


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